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We understand that your time is valuable so we’ve made the process of getting quality, affordable insurance simple. We’re locally owned and staffed by real people whose goal is to provide insurance coverage specifically tailored to your family’s needs.


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Why do business with Hertvik Insurance?

Our clients get the best of both worlds, competitive rates from more than 25 leading insurance companies, and a local team of professionals that outperform those online call-centers.


Unlike a captive, or direct insurance company who only offers their own proprietary products, our agency is 100% independent of any one company. When it comes to something as important as insurance, it's imperative that you work with an agency who has an in-depth knowledge of multiple insurance products, companies, and guidelines — not just one.


At the end of the day, what separates one agent from another, is their ability to proactively service their policy holders, and their knowledge of the insurance industry, products, and different situations that may present themselves to their clients.


Let us show you why so many of your neighbors have made the switch to Hertvik Insurance.

Independent Agent Vs. The Rest

Here is a quick comparison of the differences between an independent agency like us, and the various other types of companies that are out there:

Insurance Agency Comparrison

"(Hertvik) makes it easy & convenient to find the right insurance"

- Laura G. - Customer since 2012

"Saved me money & made the process super easy & fast."

Mark T. - Customer since 2019

"What doesn't this company do right?"

Michelle T. - Customer since 2014

"Fast, friendly, efficient service!"

James R. - Customer since 2019

"You asked, you listened, and you followed through."

Melanie H. - Customer since 2011
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