Hertvik Insurance Group

Deena C.

Customer Since 2014
"You always make everything so easy! I never worry about my insurance because I know someone is helping take care of me and my family!"

Joseph P.

Customer Since 2001
"Your organization is very professional and informative. Being confused with all the insurance options from car to home to rent, you guys really made it simple and effective."

Erik C.

Customer Since 2003
"Always helpful and very responsive on our FIVE automobiles!"

Matthew C.

Customer Since 2009
"Always get back with me in a very timely manner. In today's society it is getting harder & harder to find a good business that gets back with its customers as quickly as Hertvik does. Very impressed. Any questions will be answered on the spot or will be taken care of very quickly. That is my best compliment I can give; very impressed!"

Linda O.

Customer Since 1998
"Hertvik group has made sure that I have the appropriate coverage at the best price. They also answer the phone or call back promptly."

John C.

Customer Since 2014
"Customer service is important to us and MariLou Franczkowski has given us probably the best, friendliest, informative and helpful service of any insurance company ever."

Sherri O.

Customer Since 1997
"You were fantastic with providing me with a contractor when my house had fire damage."

Joan M.

Customer Since 1996
"I have enjoyed working with you over the years as you have provided me with good information and have answered all of my questions. I also like that I get an immediate response. Thank you for that!"

Thomas M.

Customer Since 1997
"You have always cared about the quality of coverage to the home owner and meeting their concerns with good solutions."

Charles B.

Customer Since 1995
"Whenever we contact the office for any concern or question we are welcomed with a friendly greeting and someone is always willing to help. We’ve always received a prompt response and guidance to resolve any concerns we may have."

Megan H.

Customer Since 2014
"The staff was very helpful when I had a flat tire and wasn't sure what was covered!."

Heather L.

Customer Since 2010
"One opint of contact is nice and I like that fact that you can offer multiple companies instead of forcing us into one."
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