Black Friday Safe Driving Tips

On Black Friday, we’re all in the same situation—stuffed from Thanksgiving dinner and hankering for a good deal on the year’s best electronics and gifts. Even though the offers could be outrageous, your driving shouldn’t be as well. While making your midnight run for the best presents for your family, use these helpful guidelines to keep yourself safe.


Make a game plan – It’s great to be ready when things start to become chaotic. Plan your route, pay attention to traffic reports, get some rest, and wait for the turkey’s tryptophan to wear off.


Don’t drive distracted – Things can get chaotic when congested roads are combined with stressed-out drivers. This calls for complete focus on your surroundings and adherence to the law of the road. We know its tempting to snap pictures of others’ bad parking and mildly amusing meltdowns. But resist the urge, and put your phone away. If you absolutely must use your phone while driving, pull over first!


Be a considerate driver – Be a considerate driver – This should be easy, just follow the traffic laws. No gift is worth speeding, cutting in front of other drivers, or running the risk of getting into an accident. Take your time when backing up, especially if you have a big blind spot on your car. Always double-check for traffic and pedestrians before leaving your parking space. Even when taking extra precautions, you can’t always protect yourself from other drivers’ terrible driving habits, even when you take extra precautions.


Park further back – The closer you park, the more you’ll have to deal with other drivers waiting like buzzing bees to swarm into your empty parking space when you leave. It might seem inconvenient to park further away from the door, but it’s actually less of a headache. Parking as far away from the chaos and in a well-lit area. You’ll escape the parking lot shark tank and have a lower chance of having your car damaged by errant shopping carts.


Had a little collision while out on your epic shopping spree? Not to worry. Because of this, we’ve simplified the claims procedure so you can resume snagging the finest bargains of the year. Consider strategies to save money, such as bundling your home and auto insurance. See how much you may save now by requesting a quick, free quote!