Do I Need an Independent Insurance Agent?

As millennials are twice as likely to purchase a car, home, or renters’ insurance online, as compared to their boomer parents, there is something that may be missing…

Why do I need an insurance agent?

If you’re old enough to remember a time without the internet, you may have wondered, “Why does anyone need a travel agent? Or a violin teacher? Or a bookstore? Can’t everything be found online?” Let us explain a few basic points.

What does an independent insurance agency do?

An independent insurance agency (like Hertvik Insurance) represents YOU – the client, in the process of finding the best coverage at the most competitive rate. This can include coverage for your home, car, apartment, condo, or even business. “Shopping” isn’t even the best inclusive word for it, because insurance policies aren’t products you can buy off the shelves. It’s best to think of an agency as your buying assistant.

Independent agencies have access to different insurance companies – or carriers. Really diversified agencies – like ours – have relationships with multiple different carriers, not just one or two. And some of these carriers will only work with an insurance buyer through an agency. That means if you are trying to shop for insurance on your own (which we don’t recommend), you will miss on some of today’s better options.

At Hertvik, we use quoting tools to request quotes from our multiple carriers, and then present all the options to you for review and can help you decide. By doing so, we can create a competitive environment, wherein carriers are now competing for your business. In the end, you get the coverage you need at the best possible price.

What do insurance agents actually do?

While quoting new policies is a big part of our job, it certainly isn’t the only part. For example, we get the question a lot, “How much insurance do I need?” A big part of our job is explaining the difference between what is legally required and what is financially responsible to carry.

Along with quoting, we help our clients file claims, update policies with any new changes, and we work with different partners in our community (ex: mortgage companies, real estate agents, dealerships, etc.). When you need to use your insurance – whether it’s purchasing a new car, after a car accident, or water damage in your home, our Hertvik Insurance agents are a valuable resource to have on call.

Over time as your income and assets grow, your insurance needs will become a little more complicated. You’ve purchased another home, bought your dream RV to travel in, or opened your very own business. All of these scenarios introduce new and complex risks that should be reviewed with your insurance agent.

When should you call your Hertvik insurance agent?

As insurance agents, we are valuable advisors year-round – not just when you are renewing or purchasing a new policy. When life changes (ex: your teen has turned 16 and is a new driver, you start an at-home business, or purchase a new boat), your Hertvik Insurance agent can quickly weigh in on how it might affect your coverage and needs.


So back to the original question – why do I need an insurance agent? As an independent agency, we can provide a lot of value in you being able to work with someone who is an expert in their field, and also knows you and your family on a first-name basis. Our loyalty is to YOU and providing you with excellent care and coverage for your unique needs. If you think so too, contact us today to learn more!