How Independent Insurance Agents Saves you Time, Money, and Hassle

So, how do independent insurance agents save you time, money, and hassle?

TIME – We save you time by gathering quotes from multiple insurance companies, so you don’t have to.

MONEY – We save you money by finding the best insurance rates on the coverage you need.

HASSLE – We save you the hassle by removing the burden of shopping for insurance.

When you work with an independent agent like Hertvik, you don’t need to spend hours of your personal time researching different insurance companies. Our staff will help find you the best coverage, at the right price, all while you receive the best customer service available.

The Benefits of an Independent Insurance Agent

It’s all in the name – independent. Independence means freedom. Independence means we provide you with the choices. At Hertvik Insurance Group, we have access to a wide network of insurance companies, each of which is competing for your business. With that competition – you save money.

Our agents can help you sift through all the different quotes and options from each insurance company and help you choose the best deal possible for your unique insurance needs and coverage level. It’s like having a personal assistant to do the leg work for you! Your Hertvik agent is there to take care of YOUR needs and present you with a list of the best options.

With independence, also includes integrity. As an independent agency, our agents are not required to only sell your one insurance company’s line of products. We’ll shop all the different companies and give you an array of choices that benefit you – not the agent.

The Frugality of Shopping

How often do you regularly shop for deals? Most likely, all the time. Whether you’re at the grocery store looking for end-cap deals or scan an email coupon code while shopping, everyone periodically shops for deals. But often do most of us shop for better deals on our insurance? As your life changes, so do the options that save you money on your insurance.

Your Hertvik Insurance agent can help take a fresh look at your existing policies (whether from a different agent or if you currently use Hertvik) to see if you can save money with changes or updates.

Are there discounts now available after you’ve paid off your home? What about saving some money because your student made the dean’s list? Have you gotten married since your last insurance review? Bought a new car? Are you getting close to retirement?

All of this can potentially be saved for you, but only if you know about it. Your Hertvik agent can review your current situation and search for new discounts to save your money while still maintaining the best possible coverage. Don’t let the thought of an insurance review deter you from doing it – you could be losing money. Contact your agent today!

The Full Understanding of Your Coverage

Saving money on your insurance isn’t just about lowering your premium amount. Cutting costs doesn’t mean you can cut corners on your coverage. Your Hertvik Insurance agent can review your coverage to make sure you are sufficiently protected. We don’t determine what is adequate – you do!

We understand that many people don’t understand their insurance coverage at all, and some are only concerned with the cheapest price possible. Saving money also means knowing what you are paying for and not being blindsided when a crisis happens. Do you have coverage if a tornado damages your home? What about damage from winter power outages? Basic coverage doesn’t usually cover these instances.

Your Hertvik independent agent will walk you through the different coverage options, so you can make an informed decision about the amount and type of coverage you need. By maintaining adequate coverage, you are helping ensure your life and property can be restored back to normal after a claim.


Contact Hertvik Insurance Group today for a thorough review of your current coverage and needs. We offer a wide variety of personal, home, auto, and business insurance that are sure to meet your needs and save you time, money, and hassle.