Is a Graduation Party Covered by Insurance?

For young people, graduation is a memorable occasion to celebrate accomplishments and spend time with friends and family. A graduation celebration ought to be memorable. But if you’re the one throwing the party, have you thought about the difficulties and dangers that could arise? Below we’ll discuss if a graduation party is covered by insurance.

Alcohol Liability

There are social host liability statutes in 43 states. While they vary in their strictness, they usually indicate that you could be held liable for any injuries that an intoxicated visitor causes to someone else. Therefore, if you let a visitor become inebriated and then they drive while impaired, you may be responsible for any injuries they cause to other drivers, pedestrians, or passengers.

The legislation is more severe if your intoxicated guest is under the age of 21. If you anticipate that the majority of your attendees will be minors, you might choose to hold an alcohol-free event. Keep in mind that if a minor was drinking on your property without your knowledge, you could find yourself in hot trouble. If you do choose to serve alcohol, keep in mind these suggestions:

  • Ensure that you are following all applicable state laws.
  • Serve any alcoholic beverages with food. Provide non-alcoholic beverages as a substitute, and stop providing alcohol before the event is over.
  • Hire qualified bar personnel so they can spot drunkenness more easily.
  • Avoid consuming too much alcohol yourself.
  • Make sure none of your visitors are attempting to drive after drinking. Promote the use of designated drivers, ride services, or taxis.

Graduation Party Venue

Reduce your own liability by holding the gathering at a location with a liquor license rather than hosting it at your home. This is a wise strategy for reducing liability concerns. If you do decide to host the party at your house, be aware of any dangers that could cause you to trip, slip, or fall.

Location tips:

  • Make certain you have enough room and amenities to accommodate the quantity of visitors you have invited.
  • Take into account whether you require security staff. If not, prepare a strategy for handling potential gatecrashers.
  • Consider whether any potentially dangerous places (swimming pools, hot tubs, sheds, basements) require extra supervision. Make sure off-limits areas are protected.

Additional Safety Measures

If you intend to use a barbecue grill to prepare food for your guests, make sure it is set up in a clear space and is being managed by an adult. Just in case, keep safety supplies close by, such as a fire extinguisher.

Furthermore, food safety is crucial. Before serving, make sure that the food is properly cooked (particularly chicken).  Maintain hot food at 140°F or above by putting it in warming trays, chafing dishes, or slow cookers. By putting it in coolers, mini-fridges, or nesting serving plates in ice basins, cold food should be kept at 40°F or lower. You will have far less control over temperature and contamination from bugs and other animals if you store food outside, so avoid doing so.

Review Your Coverage Options

Your homes insurance policy may also provide some limited liquor liability coverage in addition to some covering for accidents that happen in your house. Keep in mind that social host liability is typically not covered by homeowners insurance. If it is, the level of protection offered might not be adequate to protect against the dangers.

Consider a personal liability umbrella policy. Or special events coverage if you’re holding a big gathering or wondering if a graduation party is covered by insurance.

You can explore all of the alternatives with your Hertvik Insurance agent. Be sure you have the coverage you need to host your party.