Insurance Tips for Hosting New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is a time of parties, drinks, and count-down to a new year. However, a holiday meant to celebrate family and friends could often be spoiled with an insurance claim. Below we’ve included a list of some common New Year’s Eve insurance mishaps and how to avoid them.

Firework Claims New Year's Eve Insurance Tips Hertvik Medina Ohio

Firework-related Claims

Fireworks are a tradition and common part of New Year’s Eve celebrations, but they can be a problem if they set fire to dead leaves, trees, and even your home. They can also cause serious injury to those lighting them off. If a firework-related incident happens on your property, your homeowner’s insurance may not cover the damage as it depends on the type of incident. For example:

  • Damage might be covered by your standard fire policy if the firework catches your home on fire.
  • A firework that malfunctions and injures someone or damages a neighbor’s house may be covered under the liability section of your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Safety tips

Make sure you are following city and county ordinances before setting off fireworks in your neighborhood.

  • Set off fireworks in an open area, away from power lines and other homes
  • Have a fire extinguisher ready
  • Keep pets and children far away

Insurance Tips for Hosting New Year’s Eve Hertvik Medina Ohio

Liability Claims for Parties

As a popular time for house parties’ hosts needs to remember that the more people at your home, the more potential accidental injuries they are liable for.

Safety tips

Before your guests arrive, walk around your entire property, and look for hazards:

  • Make sure sidewalks and walkways are clear and free of obstacles
  • Will it be dark out when your guests arrive? Turn on all the outside lights and the entry to your home is well-lit.

Social Host Liability New Year's Eve Insurance Tips Hertvik Medina Ohio

Social Host Liability from Tipsy Houseguests

Your guests are your responsibility if your party is serving alcohol. “Social host liability” is a legal concept that forty-three states follow, allowing a host of a party or other gathering to be held liable in certain situations where a guest becomes intoxicated and ends up causing an injury to a third party after the guest leaves.

In other words, if a guest of yours leaves your home drunk and drives home, you are liable for having served them too much alcohol and could be responsible for the incurred damages and injuries.

Safety tips

During the party, remember to actively monitor your guest’s alcohol consumption and ensure they end their night safely, whether it’s by collecting keys and having them sleepover, or by arranging rides for the ones who need to go home.

Before you host your New Year’s Eve party, talk to your Hertvik Insurance agent about your coverage and limitations for this kind of risk.