Policy Insurance Limits

If you examine the insurance policy covering your business, you’ll see an insurance limit. For instance:  According to the above, it may appear that you have a million dollars in […]

Niche or Not

There are risks associated with every business, whether the business involves one person, hundreds, or thousands. These risks are often handled by commercial insurance. Different types of insurance cover many aspects […]

Mobile Equipment

You might think that a policy that is designed to protect autos and trucks that are used by a business would cover any type of vehicle. That is a dangerous […]

Mobile Equipment Classification

Insurance is so much easier when one understands how protection applies. However, mobile equipment is a class of property that complicates things because the line is blurred between it and […]

Loss Reporting Control

Insurance consumers experience all types of property losses and, depending upon how serious the loss is, property owners have to decide what to do. Typically, the next move is to […]

Insured Contracts and Commercial Umbrellas

A liability policy has to restrict its coverage to handling the type of losses for which it was created, and a commercial liability umbrella (CLU) is no exception. It contains an important provision […]

Insurance – Smart Contracts

Traditional insurance involves trust, as it is a form or contract; it requires that the parties that belong to the agreement deal with each other in good faith. They are expected to meet […]

Insurance – A Matter of Trust

Insurance policies involve trust. Insurance policies are written agreements that include at least two parties. One is the insurance company that provides the applicable form of protection. The other is […]

Home Based Business Auto

Do you operate a business from your home? If so, you have likely arranged for the proper coverage to protect your property, such as business equipment and furnishings that you use with […]

Handling a Cell Phone Distraction

A business that deals with over-the-road transportation is highly concerned with substantially minimizing accidents. Vehicle accidents, besides interrupting work and creating a loss of business property, have much wider consequences. Accidents also […]