4 Examples of How Liability Insurance Can Protect Your Business

Accidents can happen, no matter how careful you are or how much professional experience you have. Luckily, there’s general liability insurance, that offers BIG benefits for small businesses. We’ve compiled four real-life examples of how it can help your business:

Liability Insurance Commercial Business Hertvik Medina OH

Someone gets hurt and wants you to pay their medical bills

You are unloading some boxes on the sidewalk while you’re loading up your car at the office. A jogger doesn’t see the boxes, trips, and breaks their arm.

In this instance, they could sue you for medical costs. If you don’t have general liability coverage, you would need to pay out-of-pocket for any related medical expenses to defend yourself. If you DO have insurance, that coverage could help cover the costs up to your policy limits.

Liability Insurance Commercial Business Hertvik Medina OH

Someone says you damaged their property

Let’s say you own the newest up-and-coming hair salon in town. A hairstylist your just hired is giving a client a pedicure and drops the entire bottle of nail polish on the floor and spills “Ruby Red” polish all over their expensive designer handbag. She’s seeing more than red and wants you to pay for a replacement bag.

Because it is a legal accident that happens at your business (It’s OK, accidents happen), a general liability policy would help cover that expense.

Liability Insurance Commercial Business Hertvik Medina OH

Someone says you invaded their privacy

You are a home décor business and your social media accounts are going viral because of some fantastic before-and-after makeovers of a client’s closet!

After renovating their closet and sharing the photos online as an example of your work, your client sees the photos and is upset. They sue you for breaching their privacy by posting photos of their home without permission.

Your general liability insurance would help cover the legal costs and judgments.

Liability Insurance Commercial Business Hertvik Medina OH

Someone accuses you of copyright infringement

As a personal trainer, everyone is wanting to pay you to help them get rock-solid abs for summer. In fact, you have earned yourself the nickname “The ROCKstar” because of your own abs.


You create some Facebook ads online of yourself and a photo of a celebrity who also goes by that nickname. The problem is that you did not clear it with his team or the photographer who owns the rights for the photo, and they sue you for damages. With your business’ general liability insurance, it would help cover costs related to your policy limit.


Bottom line: General liability covers the most basic risks that most businesses face. If you’re ready to look into insurance options for your business, contact Hertvik Insurance today for a comprehensive quote.