Top 4 Reasons You Need an Independent Hertvik Insurance Agent

Top 4 Reasons You Need an Independent Hertvik Insurance Agent

Do you enjoy working with someone who has your best interests in mind?

Have you considered working with a local insurance company? 

Are you thinking about jumping ship with your current insurance company and changing your insurance plan this year? 

With today’s technology making things more readily available with just a few clicks, it’s no wonder so many people are able to get insurance quotes on home, auto, life, and even business from national insurance companies.

Some could argue, why would I even need an independent insurance agent?

We are here to explain the four benefits of having an independent agent and what we can do for you that a “1-800” number call center or a website insurance company can’t offer when it comes to providing you the care, customer service, and products to help you save money.

An Independent Agent Can Create a Customized Policy

At Hertvik Insurance, we listen to your story. By finding you coverage options that fit your (and your family’s) unique needs. We have years of experience and can recommend products that other agents may be knowledgeable about. We are here to give you the power of choice. With our recommendations, we are here to build your quotes. To help you make informed decisions about what coverage will work for you.

An Independent Agent Offers Unparalleled Advice

We are here to explain the different parts of your plan and how it covers your property, what is not covered, and can help you review any areas of coverage concern.

Oftentimes, we see many new clients with policies that were bought online and they aren’t sure of the coverage they have. We can ensure you avoid this situation by helping you fully understand your policy and make sure that everything you want to be covered is insured from the time you purchase your coverage.

An Independent Agent Can Offer Expert Advice in the Event of a Claim

In the event something happens, your insurance agent should be one of the dependable people that you can contact. Trust us when it comes to repairing damages or reporting the incident. Independent agents work in your best interest and will help through the process.

Independent Agents Are Your Best Advocate

We are your most powerful advocate when it comes to claims. If an issue arises during a claims process, we are here to make sure that you can come to a resolution with your insurance carrier.

The Advantage of an Independent Hertvik Insurance Agent

There are numerous advantages of using an independent insurance agent. Here at Hertvik Insurance Group, we strive to give you’re the best, personalized service for your unique needs.

Being independent allows us to truly focus on our customers. So if you’re looking to review your current insurance coverage, switch insurance carriers, or need help reviewing a policy or coverage, we’re here to help! Hertvik Insurance Group can offer you competitive rates on home, renters, auto, life, and business insurance with exceptional customer service.

We hope that this blog was informative and has helped you better understand the unique benefits that come with working with an independent agency – like Hertvik Insurance. We would love the opportunity to review your coverage, so contact a Hertvik Insurance agent today.