Prom and Teen Safety

Prom Season and Teen Driving

Prom is not only a huge rite of passage, for both teenagers and parents, but it also one of the most dangerous times of the year for teen drivers. While parents are pacing the floors at home, their kids are dancing the night away and attending after-prom. While a lot has changed, the number one priority for teens is to have a safe, fun and, memorable time.

Car accidents are the number one cause of death for young people (ages 12 to 19). The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 1/3 of all alcohol-related teen driving fatalities occur between April and June, which is prime prom season. Prom night is even more dangerous because of the large number of teen drivers out late at night.

Talking About Prom Safety with Your Teen

With prom just around the corner, now is a great time to start talking to your son/daughter about the dangerous situations that can happen and how to deal with them.

Topics to Discuss:

  • Open Conversation – Have a candid conversation about the dangers of prom, such as drinking and driving, distracted driving, and peer pressure.
  • Set Clear Rules – If your teen is driving to prom or is a passenger, you should make it clear that there is NO driving (or riding in a car with someone who is) under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Car Passengers – Driving with two or more passengers greatly increases your risk of getting into an accident due to distracted driving.
  • Always Wear a Seat Belt – no matter how short the drive.
  • Create a Secret Code – Having a secret code that will alert you that your teen needs to be picked up or needs your help. It can be a simple code that can be a text message. Keep this a “no questions asked” policy, so that your teenager isn’t afraid to use it.
  • Social Media – Pictures and videos from prom night will inevitably end up on social media. Have them be careful not to be captured on film doing anything they might regret. Talk to your teen about refraining from uploading questionable/embarrassing photos or videos. Depending on what is uploaded, your child might be in as much trouble as the person in the video.

Your Insurance Needs

The bottom line is that parents need to protect themselves. It is important to have a sizeable Personal Umbrella policyYou need to be sure you have a sizeable Personal Umbrella policy, also known as Excess Liability.

Contact your Hertvik Insurance agent with any questions you have about the various ways you can increase your protection.