Why You Should Consider Buying Insurance from the Rental Car Company

When you rent a car, you may be wondering whether you should purchase insurance from the rental car company or rely on your current auto insurance policy. It may be tempting to save money by using your existing coverage. But, there are several reasons why you may want to consider buying insurance from the rental company. 

One reason is that your current auto insurance policy may have gaps in coverage when it comes to rental cars. For example, your policy may not cover loss of use.  This is the money that the rental car company loses while the vehicle is being repaired or replaced. If you are at fault in an accident and the automobile is damaged, your auto insurance policy may not cover the rental car company’s loss of use. You are left to foot the bill.

Another gap in coverage that you may encounter with your auto insurance policy is diminished value. Diminished value is the decrease in the value of a car after it has been in an accident. This is even if it has been repaired. If the vehicle is damaged while you are driving it and you are at fault, your auto insurance policy may not cover the diminished value of the car. This could be a significant cost. 

Benefits of their insurance coverage

By purchasing insurance from the rental car company, you can ensure that you are covered for loss of use and diminished value, as well as other potential gaps in your auto insurance policy. A rental company typically offer several insurance options, including collision damage waivers, liability coverage, and personal accident insurance, which can provide you with the protection you need while you are driving the vehicle. 

It’s important to carefully review the coverage provided by the rental car company. Compare it to your current auto insurance policy to determine which option is best for you. While rental car insurance can be expensive, it can provide peace of mind. It will also help protect you from unexpected costs in the event of an accident or other mishap while you are driving the rental car. 

Rental Car Insurance Questions – We’re Here To Help!

If you have any questions about how your particular policy might respond if you rent a car, please reach out to your Hertvik Insurance agent.