Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

A major activity of commercial trucking is transporting cargo. There are two parties with a huge interest in the cargo: the property’s owner and the trucking company or independent trucker […]

Certificate of Insurance

Business transactions frequently require the valuable protection provided by insurance. A Certificate of Insurance is a document that is often requested as proof that adequate insurance exists. A certificate is […]

Contractor Pollution Liability

Why Do All Types of Contractors Need Contractor Pollution Liability? Environmental claims can happen to any contractor. Contractors often assume that claims arising from operations are covered by their general […]

Scheduled Personal Property

For many of us, our home is the most significant asset we’ll acquire in our lifetime, and we rely on our homeowners insurance to protect its value.  A homeowners policy […]

Independent Insurance Agency

  The Benefits of an Independent Insurance Agency: Independent vs. Captive Agents Our roots as an independent insurance agency go back almost 75 years.  We’re proud to carry the independent […]

Understanding Joint Ventures

A joint venture is an entity formed by two or more businesses in order to pursue a specific purpose for a specified period of time. While some states require joint […]

Disaster Recovery

What to Consider When Preparing for Disaster No business wants to face an event that could seriously curtail or even shut down operations. Unfortunately, few businesses have plans to deal […]

Business Insurance Trends

Mike McAvinue – Vice President of Commercial Lines Property-Casualty pricing remains favorable overall with modest increases averaging 3.5% in Q1 2019, according to The Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers. […]

Coverage for Utility Services

Fortunately, optional coverage is available to protect against utility service-related losses, and a business only needs to buy the type of coverage it needs, such as services for water, telephone/communications […]

Is Flood Insurance Right for Me?

How to Decide if Flood Insurance Makes Sense for You Do you need flood insurance? If you own property that could be damaged or destroyed by water, then you should […]