Exterior Insulation And Finish Systems

Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) refers to any material that is used and applied as a protective (insular) exterior coating to any building or structure. Items that qualify as […]

Employee Theft

When a business uses insurance and/or loss control to protect itself from losses, the focus is usually upon outside forces. In other words, the assumption is that some event or […]

Discontinued Operations

Once a product enters the marketplace, or certain work is performed to completion, liability associated with that product or completed operation is ongoing. While a business is still active as […]

Coverage for Business Autos

Many businesses are exposed to the financial consequences of their ownership, use, or maintenance of vehicles used in their operations. Most coverage needs can be handled by a Business Auto Policy […]

Construction Equipment Theft

Building and Construction work is a tough, expensive business. It is critically important to have the right type and quantity of equipment available to complete projects. This means that medium […]

Commercial Auto Symbols

Have you ever, during a particularly wild moment, carefully examined the insurance policy that covers your business vehicles?  If so, you may have noticed the little numbers that appear next […]

Commercial Auto Medical Payments

Policies written for commercial operations that include a vehicle exposure (Business Auto, Garage, Trucker, and Motor Carrier Coverage) are missing critical coverage: Auto Medical Payments. This coverage handles the reasonable expenses of […]

Bobtail and Deadhead Coverage

Trucking operations face unique transportation risks presented by instances of bobtailing and deadheading. A tractor that is traveling on the road without a trailer is considered to be bobtailing.  Example: Joe drops his […]

Auto Dealer Operations

Garage operations are businesses that have hybrid coverage needs. With such companies, the lines between the general liability for the operations and the automobile liability exposures blur and overlap. A general […]

Artisan Contractors

Artisan Contractors are smaller operations that work in a variety of settings. They may be involved in large construction projects under the direction of general contractors, operate in smaller residential projects, […]