Combined Single Limit

Insurance Term Definitions: Combined Single Limit (CSL) We know insurance jargon can be difficult to understand, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve simplified complex insurance terms that may come […]

Service Line Coverage

What is Service Line Coverage? Do I need service line coverage on top of my homeowner’s insurance? Learn why service line coverage is an important addition to your homeowner’s policy. We […]

Homeowners Insurance Winter Prepping

Prepping Your Home for Winter? Here’s Why You Need the Right Homeowners Insurance Coverage! Prepping Your Home? You Need the Right Homeowners Insurance Coverage If you are ready to prep […]

Business Insurance Myths

5 Business Insurance Myths That Might Blow Your Mind 5 Business Insurance Myths That Might Blow Your Mind If you are searching for several business insurance myths that might blow […]

General Contractors

General contractors (GCs) are the playmakers for any significant construction project. It includes taking responsibility for all key operations such as construction assignments, job site supervision, and activity coordination. Typically, […]

Drive Other Car Coverage

If a vehicle is owned or supplied by a business, non-owned and rented cars represent a problem when they are insured under a basic business auto policy. Such policies either […]

College Student Coverage

Having a child go away to college for the first time—or return to campus after a long holiday—is usually met with both pride and concern. While most families can think […]

Avoiding Homeowner Insurance Claims

What do most popular homeowner insurance claims have in common? Answer: They’re preventable, with preparation and knowledge. The biggest cause for home insurance claims is acts of God, with the […]

Business Insurance Cost

Businesses price their products to cover the costs of production as well as their labor, sales marketing, and other major expenses. Prices also reflect some post-sales costs such as handling repairs or […]

Non-Owned Auto Coverage

Non-Owned Auto Coverage Employees routinely use their personal vehicles in their jobs or just to run errands for their employer. Does your company have protection in case of an accident, and both […]